Time: November 06, 2018
Event Type: rio
Organized By: Global Experience Now
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A Celebration of Life
The Rio Scenarium plays music that celebrates the Brazilian people, the place reinforces the process of cultural revitalization of the Historic Center of Rio. The region where Rio Scenarium is located, called Lapa is famous to be the hub for Rio’s night life – many bars and nightclubs are presents around! Frequent news in the main national and international newspapers and magazines, is a highlight in Rio night. Installed in a 19th century building, it has a large collection of furniture and old objects, collected over the years, with more than ten thousand pieces. Today, the place concentrates people of all ages, and is the favorite of the national and international tourist. On any given night, Brazilian sounds like samba, bossa nova, baião or frevo can be heard coming out of doors and windows. The recipe is infallible: good drinks, varied snacks, Brazilian food restaurant, allied to live quality music, to listen and dance.

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